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This is our first post. Sort of an introduction on what we will be talking about int he future. Peru versus… who? Germany? Demark? France? Who will play with Peru next? Find out here.


About Us


Peru Versus is an online soccer blog dedicated to all things football in the South American nation of Peru.


Created by the fans for the fans, we have created this blog as a platform to express our love for the beautiful game, our aim to provide our readers with high quality, informative long form content which they can enjoy from the comfort of their own device while simultaneously promoting peruvian football, history and culture as we try to raise awareness of the game and the nation we love around the globe. 


This blog is perfect for you footballing nerds and fanatics out there, we understand how fanatical people can be in support of their nations or football clubs so we do try to keep you entertained while also remaining balanced and impartial with our content.


We currently have a number of fantastic posts on our website which evidence our commitment to creating brilliant continent. Our pillar content includes articles on head to head guides on Peru’s history with other nations,  with other insightful and supplementary content including a guide to peruvian jerseys as well as my favourite, a guide and insight into Peru’s most historic football stadiums.


Please keep locked to our website as we will be aiming to upload regularly and incorporate some new features and varied forms of content for you all to enjoy. If you enjoy our work please share the blog with your friends and family. If you do have any questions then please do feel contact us at seoulunlimited (at) gmail (dot) com


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About the authors


Nolberto Solano – Ex Midfielder and Manager


I am one of Peru’s most recognized players of his time, having played 95 games and scoring 20 goals for the national team. Having started my youth career at famous Peruvian club Allianza Lima, I played for a whole host of fantastic clubs in south america such as sporting cristal, deportivo municipal and Argentine giants Boca Juniors before becoming the first ever Peruvian to play in the Engish Premier League for some great clubs such as Newcastle United, Aston Villa and West Ham United. I retired in 2012 having played my last game for League 2 side Hartlepool United before embarking on a short lived career in management.


More about me and my work:












And now some bonus questions from our audience:

Which country is Peru?                                  

Peru is a Southern American country that is located on the western side of the continent, where it shares its border with the Pacific Ocean. The country is perhaps best known for being home to the Incan ruins of Machu Pichhu. It is also famous for its wildlife.

Is Peru good at football?                                      

Peru has one of the most popular teams in football. It has made it to FIFA World Cup finals five times. It has also won the Copa América twice.

Can Peru still advance?                              

Peru couldn’t advance past the FIFA World Cup 2018 Group stage after it lost matches to Denmark and France.

Where is Peru?                              

Peru is located in western South America. It is a country that borders the Pacific Ocean and is located just above Chile. Its other neighboring countries also include Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, and Bolivia.

How safe is Peru?                           

Peru is a popular tourist destination and remains safe for the most part. But it still has a crime rate that remains concerning for the most part. It is recommended that you check the travel warnings issued by your country and take the necessary precautions.

What is Peru famous for?                          

Peru is famous for the Incan Empire ruins such as Machu Pichhu. It is also very famous for its population of llamas and other wildlife. Peru offers several natural sights such as the Andes mountain range that are famous throughout the world.

Where is Peru on the world map?                             

Peru can be found in South America on the world map. It is a neighbor country to Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. It is also connected to the Pacific Ocean on the west.

Where to fly to in Peru?                                      

For international flights, you could fly directly to the Jorge Chávez International Airport in the city of Lima, Peru. Many airports and airlines around the world offer direct flights to Lima.

Will Peru win the world cup?                                  

Peru has qualified for the FIFA World Cup finals five times by now, but it has not won any World Cup tournament to date.

Will Australia or Peru win?                                       

Peru played Australia in FIFA World Cup 2018 on June 26, 2018. Peru won the match by 2-0.

Can Peru make it to the next round?                                    

Peru made it to FIFA World Cup 2019 Group Stage but couldn’t go past it. Even though it won against Australia, its lost matches to Denmark and France kept it from advancing to the next stage.

Can Peru beat France?                              

  Peru lost to France in the Group Matches of FIFA World Cup 2018. It was one of two losses for Peru, which also lost a match against Denmark. Peru couldn’t make it past the Group Stage.

Is Peru out of the world cup?                              

Peru was ousted from the FIFA World Cup 2018 when it lost two of the Group matches to Denmark and France. Its participation in World Cup 2022 is yet to be decided.

Can Peru advance?                                      

Peru advanced to the FIFA World Cup in 2018, but it couldn’t make it through the Group Stage where it lost matches to Denmark and France.

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