Peru Soccer Jerseys: The complete guide

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The Peruvian soccer Jersey is seen as more than just a fashion statement.

      In Peru the national kit is an unofficial national symbol which many people outside of the nation associate with the country. Since the 1930’s Peru’s national kit has always expressed the same colours of the national Peruvian flag, with white shorts, white socks and a white shirt the famous and distinctive red diagonal sash across the length and breadth of the jersey. Over the years there have always been slight variations to the Peru soccer jersey, with the design scheme remaining consistently similar over the last 9 decades since the first official kit made its debut in the 1927 South American championships held in Lima, Peru.    The Rojiblancos national jersey is seen as one of the world’s most attractively designed and distinctive kits, winning many awards and receiving much praise over the years from leading footballing journalists such as Miles Kohrman who described the kit as “one of soccer's best kept secrets”. The beauty of the kit has inspired many football people and teams alike, with Malcolm Allison famously introducing the sporting sash onto the Jerseys of Manchester City and Crystal Palace. The kit has maintained its reputation strikingly effective and beautiful design over its many years, with the recent Peru soccer jersey (2019) maintaining its retro and nostalgic feel with its “blood-red sash” the striking feature, as has been the case across many of the design variations.   Plenty of bold moves have been undertaken by football shirt manufacturers in recent years with Nike and Adidas breaking hundreds of years of tradition by removing the stripes of Barcelona and Juventus’s home jerseys, while sides in other leagues such as RB Leipzig and Leicester have been blessed with some arguably unrivaled design. With the 2019/2020 season well and truly upon us, Peru soccer jersey still remains one of the best selling international jerseys on the market with their latest release certainly one fans have been raving about.  

Peru Soccer Jersey 2019 by Marathon

      Earlier in the spring of 2019 The Peruvian football federation announced its collaboration with sports retail company Marathon sports to launch their new official home and away jerseys that the Rojiblancos wore during this summers’ 2019 Copa America championships held in Brazil.    The latest special editions of the Blanquirroja (red and whites) jerseys have certainly sparked a lot of interest with the Jersey being ranked as one of the top-selling international Jerseys this year. The white and red home kit, and the black and red away kits have been modelled upon Peru’s national team's rich history in reference to the Incas Copa America 1939 and 1975 titles. The home jersey boasts a very much traditional look maintaining the famous red sash enabling the kits to keep their natural stylistic feel while also injecting a nostalgic retro feel back to the nation's glory days. Both the home away kits also incorporate two gold stars above the FPF badge again honoring the nations previous trophies. The away jersey however represents a significant change in colour scheme, previously consisting mainly consisting of red, marathon have decided to switch the design up introducing a refreshed black aesthetic with the previously white sash now appearing red on the away kit. Though it must be said the design is very much the same as the home jersey.   The Peru soccer jersey (marathon) is available to all genders, sizes and genders with sizes range from XS to XXL with availability both in slim fit and looser fit variations allowing all fans and soccer fanatics to style the new lavish and sleek jersey. Personally I really love these jerseys, particularly the away one because Marathon have really invested into the quality of the design and the fit, if you’re looking for the latest and best kits on the market, the Peru soccer jerseys by marathon are highly recommended. The jerseys are priced at the tog range in the market but bear in mind that you’re really paying for the quality here and getting the bang for the buck in a high quality jersey that will stand the test of time. You can check out the price the latest edition here.

Peru Soccer Jersey Umbro (2018/19)

    In the fall of 2017 Umbro announced it’s final installation of their peruvian national Jersey.   Manufactured by Umbro for the world cup help in Russia, this white home jersey has a very traditional look and a very sleek feel to it. The design of the jersey dates back to the late 1930’s to the plain white shirt accompanied again by the iconic red sash positioned diagonally across the front of the jersey. Unlike previous jerseys the latest Umbro edition of the Rojoblanco jersey also have a red sash along the length of the rear. Along with this, the kit comes with a stylish gold piping that is fixated along the edges of both sashes, the FPF Logo and also across the shoulders, embodying the classic umbro design feature and stylistic feel which has been showcased on many previous jerseys such as England's 2002 world cup and the 2004 European championship jerseys. The latest peruvian soccer jersey by Umbro incorporates a rounded collar with a red stripe in the middle.  From a personal opinion it’s fat to say that Umbro have absolutely smashed it with their final peruvian kit, maintaining its traditional and somewhat classy royal feel. While the design is certainly aesthetically pleasing, the fit of the jersey can in some instances be misleading so if you are considering this jersey we would recommend you go up a size just because these jerseys do run a small fit, almost resembling a slim fit. So for instance if you are usually an XL size the Peru soccer Jersey XXL would be the ideal fit for you in this case. Just like with the marathon jersey, Umbro’s edition of the Incas kit is also available to children and women alike, with peru soccer jerseys (women’s) having an alternative fit  to suit the female demographic, and these can also be purchased both in-store and online on along with many leading international and national sporting retailers.   If you are looking for a peruvian jersey that comes close to resembling the quality of the Marathon jersey at a slightly lower price, the final umbro edition of the peru kit would be my recommended choice as the retail price has dropped following the final of the 2018 Russian world cup for with the jersey was created for. While this makes  it sound like it’s outdated, the classic retro feel that is so common across the majority of previous Peruvian national kits is also very much present in this jersey meaning the jersey will maintain its timely and contemporary feel for years to come.

Custom Peru Soccer Jerseys

    Custom soccer jerseys account for a large proportion of soccer jersey sales in general and can provide an alternative option if you are in the market for something a little different.    Unlike the replica licensed jerseys, custom soccer jerseys offer a larger spectrum of choice, quality, design, and price so there should almost always be something on the market to suit your desires. Firstly it is important to consider than even the licensed official jerseys can be customized with a name and a number, though usually at an additional cost for the printing. Customizing your official jersey is often a popular choice, especially with children allowing them to experience an insight into the profession of their idols.   If you want to have the authentic look and support your nation this is the best option for you as a certain percentage of Peruvian national soccer jersey go directly to the peruvian football federation helping them run the national team. Both Umbro and marathon offer customization in their peruvian national soccer jerseys of 2018 and 2019 on each respective website as well as large online and offline sporting retailers.   For those of you who are looking for an alternative jersey, there are many online websites who sell or specialise in custom made football jerseys, including custom peru soccer jerseys. Custom jerseys can be picked up on online arbitrage stores such as Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba, however please be careful on such sites as some jerseys may well be second hand or not up to the stated standard, It must also be noted that delivery times can vary from platform to platform dependent upon your location and stock levels in some cases so please perform due diligence before purchase and invest the time to study reviews left by previous buyers:  
  • Ensure the seller has good reviews and is reputable
  • Read product reviews to ensure a quality product
  • Check the typical delivery time from the seller/company
  • Make sure the market place you are buying from is safe
  • When purchasing a product ensure the site uses secure and well renowned payment processing software.
  The majority of these sites generally do have a great reputation with the shopping experiences more often than not simple and time effective. It must also be noted that you can grab some great quality bargains on here with regular company sales and consumer listings. This would be the ideal option for anyone with a tight budget who want to style the classic rojoblanco look.   Personally my favorite approach to buying a custom soccer jersey would be to use an online retailer who specialises in the design and production of customer Jerseys as this is much more of a niche market, with the quality standing to be much higher than the cheap and low quality alternatives in supermarkets and retail stores. I personally have used this approach in the past purchasing custom made Manchester United and Brazilian national jersey. Sites such as Fanatics, World soccer shop and etsy for your custom made exclusive jerseys which can vary in price however they offer a range of beautiful and enticing styles making them an attractive proposition to any football fan.   All in all, I would highly recommend custom made peruvian jerseys to anyone on a tighter budget as they provide an affordable alternative to the traditional jersey of the national team. Granted in some cases the quality may not be to the same standard but the ranges of choice and variation here are unparalleled. If anything, custom jerseys will make you stand out by adding a little variety to both your wardrobe and your match-day experience, I mean who wants to fit in with the crowd anyway?

Retro Peru Soccer Jerseys

  Luckily for all you die-hard and nostalgic football fans out there Peru have had a whole host of glamorous jerseys over the years which can still be purchased online in today's market. Retro shirts from as early as the 1970’s can be purchased on sites such as copa football and the retro football club. Retro shirts tend to be expensive due to their limited availability in some instances, especially in terms of originals, thought there is the more cost effective option to purchase recently made retro jerseys too.    For the highest quality retro peru soccer jerseys, or any other jerseys in this instance, I would highly recommend vintage football They are a UK based company in Wrexham, Wales who deliver their collection of retro shirts worldwide. The company specialises in authentic, rare and genuine jerseys and classic match kits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s eras, including many peruvian nation jerseys from the 90’s and early 00’s with authentic shirts worn by national legends such as Claudio Pizarro and Jefferson Farfan. The prices on this site for the peruvian jerseys range from round £50-£100 so you would be paying top dollar in this instance however you do receive genuine classic jerseys manufactured in the relevant era. A highly recommended option for the most die-hard fans out there.

What is the best Peruvian soccer jersey to purchase and from where?

  All in all, the answer to this question is that it well and truly depends upon your needs and wants as a footballing fan as well as where you are based as this can limit your options in some cases, however with the internet these days most major retailers can deliver their products to your doorstep so no matter your requirements you can find the right jersey for you.   On a personal level I have always had a preference to opt for the modern, authentic and current jerseys as I love the modern designs and materials used which encompass a stylish look with a great, comfortable fit and this is certainly guaranteed with the 2018 Umbro and 2019 marathon peruvian national jerseys. In terms of pricing for these jerseys they are very similar, with the marathon jersey being the slightly more pricier version due to it being the most recent out of the two. The modern jerseys also provide a higher quality of material making them better resistant to wear and tear, including external factors so they are very much so a longer term investment.   For those more creative and wanting an alternative to the standard jerseys then custom is your choice, the options in this department are abundant with many variations in sizes, designs, quality and fit. Due diligence would be advised when purchasing from lesser known retailers but it may also be worth checking out local soccer or sports store in your area that may provide alternative jerseys.   Finally, if you have money to burn and want a timely yet classical look then retro jerseys are the pick for you. Due to their rarity in some cases, they can be expensive but once bought and well looked after they can last and stay relevant forever just like a classic car.  
Product Comparison Table
Product Type Pros Cons In-Store and Online Marketplaces
2019 Marathon Peru Jersey
  • Timely and In date.
  • Lavish style.
  • Great quality material.
  • Excellent fit.
  • Available worldwide.
  • Home and away both available.
  • Custom shirt Printing.
  • Priciest option in many instances may be unaffordable for some.
  • Prices can vary nation to nation, size to size, gender to gender.
Marathon Soccer Plus Amazon Ebay Subside Sports
2018 Umbro Peru Jersey
  • Top product from reputable manufacturer.
  • Custom shirt printing.
  • Classic Peruvian style jersey replicating classic look.
  • Value for money.
  • Sizes can be deceiving, always ensure to buy a size larger than your usual size.
  • Not available worldwide in-store.
Umbro Amazon Ebay Pro Direct Soccer Soccer Box
Custom Peru Jerseys
  • Spoilt for variety.
  • Something on the market for everyone - Varied styles for all ages, genders and preferences.
  • Allows people to inject personality into their style.
  • Quality can be unquestionable, dependent upon where you buy from.
  • Finding good quality supplier can be difficult.
Amazon Ebay Alibaba Fanatics World soccer shop Etsy UK Soccer shop
Retro Peru Jerseys
  • Perfect for true fanatics.
  • Often genuine with historic feel providing a connection to the history of the federation.
  • Alternative look.
  • Something potentially favored by older generations allowing them to experience past memories.
  • Quality can be unquestionable, dependent upon where you buy from.
  • Finding good quality supplier can be difficult.
  • There are some fake replicas online.
  • Prices can be extremely high for rare goods.
  • Some versions of retro kit can be limited in availability.
  • Suppliers can be questioned in some instances.
Copa Football Retro Football Club TOFFS 6 Yard Box Pinterest Facebook Marketplace Old Football
  What’s your take on the Peruvian soccer jersey collection? Which one is your favorite? Do not hesitate to share your opinions with us and if you’ve enjoyed this article then please share it with people who may be interested and also remember come back for more regular blog posts.

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